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  • Planetary Winches are more efficient than worm gear winches giving a better line speed and a longer working duty cycle.
  • Cobra's hexagonal boom is constructed out of a high tensile steel giving it greater strength and less weight.
  • Crane structure is constructed out of high tensile steel which makes the crane lighter and gives you a better payload.
  • Safety devices include: Anti-two block, low boom angle, low cable on winch drum, overload on all functions, counter-balance valves on all cylinders and main relief valve.
  • Large Diameter pins which are corrosion proof and stay distortion free under load.
  • Manual overrides on control valve for emergency operation
  • Cranes are reliable and simple to maintain
  • Models 16 000 ft Lbs and below have one hydraulic and one manual extension with 400° rotation.
  • Models 25 000 Ft Lbs and above have full hydraulic extensions. This means not having to put your load down during operation which makes the operation faster and safer and have continuous rotation.
  • Extension Cylinders are protected inside boom (except on models with 3 extensions)
  • Models up to 25 000 Ft Lbs available in both Hydraulic and 12v DC
  • All models are available both in pendant control or a radio remote.
  • Stabilizer kits available


H2 B3 Rating
Maxilift Cranes are manufactured to strict European standards. and carry a Din 15018-H2 B3 rating.

H2 B3 Rating

The H factor is a measure of the structural integrity of the crane concerning the amount the crane can lift beyond its rated capacity and the additional stress of high -speed operation on the structure H1 is rated 100% and H2 is rated at 130%.

The B Factor is a measure of the total number of cycles for which the crane is designed. Maxilift is designed for 200 000 cycles whereas a B2 crane is 63 000 cycles.

Maxilift is engineered for a working life of 15 years.