Cargo Bed Truck Bed Extenders

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Cargo Bed Truck Bed Extenders

The patented sliding Cargo Bed is an innovative product that provides access without compromise for your storage capacity. This slide-out truck drawer will give you easy access to all your tools and supplies, extend the length of your truck bed by up to 80%, and save your back and knees through improved access to heavy equipment. The special design and engineering of our sliding extensions allow for load capacities of up to an amazing 4000 lbs. With our variety of products and models to choose from, Cargo Bed has unlimited applications...

An industrial strength truck bed extender from Cargo Bed consists of two welded steel structures that operate as one complete assembly. The base frame of our various models and sizes mounts easily to the floor of light duty pickups, heavy duty trucks or any other commercial fleet vehicle. Pre-drilled mounting holes and easy to follow instructions make assembly hassle-free.

Once installed, the transfer frame rolls freely in and out on steel needle bearings, and provides access to 80% of your load. The platform deck rises only 2 ¾" above the vehicle floor, taking up minimal space in your truck box or bed. A convenient handle and positive locking every 10" allows safe and instant access to your cargo and complete control of your extension drawer.

Truck Bed Extenders Work for Every Industry

Whether you own your own rig or drive a commercial vehicle, you can rest assured that Cargo Bed will stand up to any challenge. Our comprehensive warranty protects your investment and the maintenance-free construction means you will enjoy the benefits of a Cargo Bed product for years to come.

Here are some of the industries that have been well served by our cutting-edge pickup bed extenders:

  • Oilfield, Gas & Pipeline Trucks
  • Surveyor & Geomatics Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Welding Vehicles
  • Plumbing Vans & Vehicles
  • Electrician Vans & Vehicles
  • Contracting & Trades
  • Outdoors and Recreational Vehicles
  • Warehouse Shelving Systems
  • And more...